Innovative ContactInSky - platform for contact center, individual sales and customer support

por InSky Solutions d.o.o.

A comprehensive solution - a unique contact center interface for all channels and a centralized data

ContactInSky solution is unique and innovative and does not require separate phone infrastructures such as telephone switchboards or PBX infrastructure networks, only internet access. The solution is simple and user-friendly, customizable by power users and all communication channels are included (phone, e-mail, Viber, SMS, social…). ContactInSky provides monitoring, reporting and statistics, and is a predictive and analytical tool for upselling and cross-selling. ContactInSky contact center is designed as a central place where users can get information on related activities, but also perform some of the activities required. Some of the business benefits resulting from implementation:
• Improving and providing consistent quality information to users
• Enabled communication with the persons that are best addressed in a specific area
• Improved productivity, better access, and better records
• First call resolution increased
• High take-up of channel-shift and self-service.

The ContactInSky solution is entirely based on Microsoft technologies and it functions as an upgrade to existing products. Apart from the user interface that enables the agents to operate it in a simple and fast manner, the application consists of the server portion, which contains the logic of incoming and outgoing calls, and the supervisor interface, which controls and monitors the operation of all agents.
Apart from phone calls, the ContactInSky system integrates other communication channels and monitors integrally all other activities through various channels. It also has a complex system of analytics and reporting, with all needed reports for a specific industry already created and the possibility for users to create their own reports. The main functionalities are: omnichannel: phone, email, web chat, Facebook, SMS, Viber, and Skype.
Our users experience above 70% growth of revenue coming from direct sales, 40% rise of share of direct sales in total sales, as well as improved guest satisfaction KPIs. Contact us at to know more!

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