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Zendesk Github connector Simple integration between Zendesk and Github

Install the app from here:

Zendesk Github connector Simple integration between Zendesk and Github

Zendesk GitHub

  • Connect Zendesk GitHub using IntegrateCloud connector. IntegrateCloud brings all your conversations into one place. Use Zendesk GitHub Connector.
  • Create New Issue for your Github right from Zendesk
  • With the Zendesk GitHub Connector users in Zendesk can quickly create a New Issue from a Zendesk ticket.

Github Integration App by IntegrateCloud, allows the users to create Github issues right inside the Zendesk form. It also allows you to link existing Zendesk tickets to an existing Github issues. In addition, it allows Agents to notify the Github team, by sending comments inside Zendesk Support.

The App has 5 buttons, 'New Issue', 'Link Issue', 'Linked Tickets', 'Notify' & 'Show Item Comments'.

-New Issue: When clicked on the New Issue tab, select the project under which you want to create the issue. Based on the selection it will load all the Github fields. The User can make the selection and click on Create button which would create issue in Github and then display the corresponding Github issue Id in the App.

-Link to Issue: This tab allows you to link an existing Zendesk Ticket. It can be linked to one or multiple issues in Github .

-Notify: This tab allows the user to send notifications to the Github team which would show up as comments in Github .

-Show Item Comments: This tab shows you all the linked Github issue comments log to current Zendesk ticket.

  1. Sign up for Zendesk or use your existing account.
  2. Get the App and Install it into Zendesk.
  3. Configure the app with your account name.
  4. Open a Zendesk ticket, click Apps, sign in.
  5. Click to create a New Issue.

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