InteliBonds Ltd

AI-Powered single point platform for Fixed Income Investors.


IntelliBonds is an AI-powered platform delivering Alpha generation and Cost optimisation to Fixed Income investors. We use Company Fundamental data, Bond Pricing data, Primary/Secondary market news, Equity market, Market implied ratings, CDS levels etc., to detect signals at issuer and security level.


Key benefits


  1. Superior investment returns

Our proprietary Bond scoring engine identifies Bonds, which are expected to perform better in coming months, helping you generate better portfolio returns while avoiding the loss-making deals.


  1. Reduced losses

Our sophisticated credit rating prediction engine provides early warnings about potential credit deteriorations within your holdings. It helps you avoid being the forced seller and reduce losses.


  1. Cost optimisation

Our platform streamlines Fixed Income investment decision process by bringing multiple datasets under one roof and automating mundane work. This translates into 20-30% savings in terms of data and labour cost.

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