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Realtime collaborative wiki for your organization's content

IntelliWiki provides a markdown supported text editing interface to create, edit, and save documents for your organization. Its collaborative editing allows for multiple users to work on a wiki document together in real-time. 

This product is ideal for meeting notes, documentation, or similar repositories of knowledge shared by a team. A wiki is accessible to members of the associated team.

IntelliWiki supports a number of features absent from similar offerings, such as real-time collaborative editing, per-page revision history, and searching for wiki content across all of a user's teams.

Visit for product information or see the list of links and features below for IntelliWiki.

Highlighted Features

  • Collaborative editing
  • Inline Comments
  • Markdown Support
  • Text Editing
  • Dark mode
  • Tables
  • @ mentions for 
    • Microsoft Teams users
    • Uploaded files
    • Wiki pages
  • Page Searching
  • Revision History

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