Enhances ATM Service Quality with Efficiency

inter-ATM/Optimizer is designed to optimize the costs related to ATM operations. Banks are responsible for cash existence in the ATM to serve both their customers and the customers of other banks. Managing this operation is both costly and difficult to handle. Loading ATMs with unnecessarily high volume of money increases the customer service level but at the same time increases cash holding cost. However loading with less money has the opposite effect, decrease in service level and cash holding cost. In addition replenishing ATMs with cash has huge operational cost that is the result of cash transportation with armed trucks. inter-ATM/Optimizer is designed by considering all of the cost and service related factors. inter-ATM/Optimizer monitors the cash levels in all of the ATMs, determines cash checkout behaviors for each ATMs by using advance statistical forecast techniques and algorithms designed and owned by Intertech. inter-ATM/Optimizer analyzes the historical behavior of each ATMs and determines the optimal service level and cash replenishment schedule for each ATMs. By this way, both replenishment cost and cash holding costs are minimized and ATM service level is maximized. inter-ATM/Optimizer can be bundled with Inter Router, a standalone system that optimally determines the routes of cash distribution trucks. By bundling inter-ATM/Optimizer with Inter Router you can decrease the replenishment cost of ATMs. In addition, the truck capacity can be used more effectively and this brings savings both on personnel cost and truck investment costs.

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