Mailforce - every email campaign more efficient

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Mailforce is a complex GDPR-ready platform for designing, sending and evaluating email campaigns.

This application is available only in Czech and Slovak.

Some of the main features provided by this solution include:

  • Detailed reporting with an option to integrate with Google Analytics
  • Team of experts always at client´s entire disposal Full API for integration
  • Possibility of advanced datamining
  • Perfect knowledge of Czech & CEE email marketing environment
  • Flexibility to adjust Mailforce to the wishes of the client

Mailforce is a project of the company Inveo. Specializing in 360° e-commerce and email marketing, Inveo is a Czech company that is expanding globally. Our service helps to plan and execute email marketing campaigns and provides valuable metrics for important decisions. We work with any company, big or small, that wants to break into the world of email marketing. Our services are based on a close relationship with a client, whom we feel primarily as a partner of a joint project.

Built on the Solutions Provided by Microsoft Azure, Mailforce is an Intelligent Platform for the Deployment and Analysis of Email Campaigns

Get your emails into the desired inbox efficiently with improved sending and deliverability. Every email is sent securely and in accordance with all legislation requirements. And to make it even easier your email contact lists are automatically updated to ensure only active contacts receive emails. Mailforce offers efficiency and reliability.

Gain access to valuable email analytics through Web Reporting. Accessible through any device, Web Reporting features many interesting reports, ranging from a summary page to detailed campaign analytics. This includes reports on geographic location tracking, activity heat maps and data from Google Analytics.

More advanced features of Mailforce include an intelligent management system for the segmentation of your contact lists and A/B testing capabilities within each campaign. Along with standard campaigns, like instant or scheduled distribution, Mailforce offers various options for the automation of your email campaigns.

Featuring an easy-to-use email campaign editor, which among other things includes smart templates that utilize a simple Drag & Drop feature. Within the interface each user can effectively prepare their emails, set up a template, upload their contact list and fully execute their email campaign in just a few steps. Our customers love Mailforce and so will you!

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