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josh Archive! - Digital Document Archiving and Substitutive Conservation.

josh Archive! is the software for carrying out the processes of Digital Document Archiving and Substitutive Conservation.
It solves the problems linked to the manual management of documents and contributes to making the business processes within the organization more versatile and streamlined.
Digital Document Archiving is one of the elements that characterizes josh Archive!; in addition to preparing documents for successive Conservation (optional), it provides the company with an easy to use and practical portal for consulting the documents.
The documents (natively electronic or paper), are archived automatically in the target folders in Microsoft SharePoint, a powerful document management system which is perfectly integrated into josh Archive!
With josh B2B the josh Archive!'s module it's also possible to manage Electronic invoice towards the Companies and Public Administrations , both for outgoing and for incoming invoices, along all its phases: generation/reception, monitoring and finally storage.

The app is only available in a italian language