Streamline For Documents


Streamline for Documents is the cloud service for automated processing of incoming flows

The challenges of customer or user relations today are the followings:
  • Process more and more volumes, coming from more and more channels
  • Improve deadlines (quality + regulatory)
  • Aim for customer-user satisfaction
  • IT supply: business process, EDM, etc.

Then public and private organisations are receiving more and more documents that always arrive through channels, with content that remains mostly unstructured and therefore difficult to integrate into the Management Information Systems.

Is it still durable for an organisation to continue to process all of this manually or have it done through a BPO? Clearly no. Manual treatment not viable due to:
  • Treatment costs
  • Scalability and scalability
  • Processing times and data reliability

So, it's better to choose a Document Processing Automation solution.

But what is important in choosing a document processing automation solution?
  • Omnichannel
  • RAD / LAD performance
  • User centric
  • Ease of implementation
  • Possibility of detecting forged documents

It's the reason why ITESOFT, the leader in business process digitalisation and automation solutions, processing over 1 billion documents per year for more than 650 customers around the globe, propose Streamline for Documents, the Cloud service for automated processing of incoming flows:
  • The most efficient with automation rates of 90% and more
  • The most complete, with its shared library of standard documents, the richest on the market, continuously enriched and optimized by ITESOFT specialists
  • The fastest and the easiest to implement, since it does not require any dedicated IT expertise in the configuration or learning effort required.

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