por IT Quest Solutions

eVista Cloud bring comsumption visibility for customers who uses Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Azure Services and Microsoft 365 Services.

This Offer will provide value for customers who needs a control of their monthly subscriptions and billing management for their companies.

With this offer ITQS will give management and analytics services for a customers related to:
1. Monitoring monthly use:
○ Azure Subscriptions delivered by ITQS as CSP 1 Tier.
○ Budged alerts based on daily consumption.
○ Microsoft 365 subscription licensing management.
  • Historical billing of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and other services delivered by ITQS.
2. Cloud Service Management:
○ Support portal for customer support cases.
○ Multiple support plans according customer needs.
○ Partner recommendations and best practices for subscription management.

3. Cost optimization:
○ Reports of reserved instances on Microsoft Azure.
○ Reports of New Commerce Experience for Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 subscriptions.
○ Reports of software subscriptions.
○ Reports of perpetual subscriptions
○ Reports of Azure Marketplace products.

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