OpenBlue Companion

por Johnson Controls

Occupant facing mobile application for smart buildings: Amazing Experiences and Smarter Spaces

Buildings exist to bring us together. They cluster inventors, makers, dreamers, students, and healers in one place so they can focus their creativity and passion on a collective mission. In the quest to make buildings smarter, we can’t forget that this mission is why you have a building in the first place, and your people are key to making your mission a reality.

Seamless Experiences Across Thoughtful Interfaces
As people move through spaces, OpenBlue Companion offers value at the perfect time through a mobile phone app, kiosk, or room panel. No matter the space, no matter the device, the experience is seamless, personalized, and easy.
Create a journey for people that spans multiple interfaces, or leverage only one option, depending on the value you are looking for. Companion allows you to attract, retain, engage, delight, and
empower all different types of occupants with information they can use to make the most of the spaces and technology available. Wayfinding, space reservation, comfort, and more offer incremental value to people as additional systems are integrated to create smart experiences through Companion.

Smarter Spaces, Successful Building Teams
Buildings are getting smarter: focusing on energy, prediction, artificial intelligence, and connectivity of other traditional building systems. At Johnson Controls, we believe that spaces are even smarter when they learn from people and when people understand their impacts on their environment and community. Companion allows you to partner with occupants in your journey to achieve sustainability goals, while also offering great self help options for comfort control and ticketing that free building teams to focus where they can add value most. Companion also flexes with you as space use and space design changes, not only through communication but process implementation for strategies like hot desking and rotational schedules.
Take the first step to smarter spaces with Companion.

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