por Kagool Ltd

Xenial is a no-code, AI-driven video analytics solution to extract insights from video streams.

Generate analytics reports directly from your video feeds, within minutes!

Xenial is a no code Machine Learning platform, developed in conjunction with Microsoft, to give real time insights from video streams. If a human eye can see and understand it, so can Xenial!

Xenial is 93% faster and cheaper at getting insight from video feeds compared to a traditional data science approach. No need to hire a data scientist or spend weeks setting it up. Your first Machine Learning model can be up and running within a matter of hours, and you don’t require any technical expertise to use it.

There are multiple case studies for Xenial across all industries: manufacturing, retail, security, transport, logistics, supply chain and more.

Surveillance footage often gets archived and forgotten about, this product can help generate insights from those video feeds without the need for technical expertise, while at the same time can be catered as a solution where continuous visual monitoring and reporting is required.

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