RemoteSpark for HoloLens

por Kognitiv Spark Inc

Worker Performance Support for HoloLens

*Disclaimer – Please Read in Full

This is a SaaS purchase offering for your existing or future HoloLens units. This offer does not facilitate HoloLens unit procurement. If you need to procure HoloLens unit, please contact

RemoteSpark runs through Kognitiv Spark's Azure powered SaaS. No Azure services need to be deployed to support this subscription.

Licensing cost for each HoloLens device. Unlimited users for each HoloLens user. In the license throughout this portal consider "user" = "devices".


RemoteSpark – Performance Support for the Modern Workforce

RemoteSpark is a user-focused Mixed Reality (MR) software that is bringing the world of performance support tools to the deskless industrial worker. It combines the physical and digital worlds by creating a hands-free, supportive environment for workers to instantly access 2D and 3D holographic assets that are quickly and easily managed through a Windows 10/11 PC. These assets are all accessible through the innovative palm panel which will act as your main hub for accessing your operational instructions, 3D models, and remote experts if additional support is required.

Multi-level Value of RemoteSpark:

1. Improve Knowledge Transfer

2. Reduce Equipment Downtime

3. Increase Safety and Empower your Workers

4. Eliminate Unneeded Expert Travel

RemoteSpark Features:

1. Palm Panel

2. Holographic Pins

3. Collaborative Workspaces

4. Secure Low Bandwidth Connectivity

5. Offline Support

6. Personal Content Library

7. Organizational Content Library

8. Holographic Ink

9. Photo Capture

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