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Werum PAS-X as a Service: Fully managed, cloud-based MES solution for Life Sciences

Cloud-based: Werum PAS-X as a Service
As the life science industry continues to expand globally, manufacturers are in need of scalable shop floor solutions that allow them to move quickly and cost-effectively. Werum PAS-X as a Service offers all functionality of our proven pharma MES software & intelligence products in a fully managed, cloud-based version. One-size doesn’t fit all As a leading innovator in manufacturing execution (MES) technology, we know that one-size doesn’t fit all. We understand that pharma and biotech manufacturers need software solutions regardless of organizational size, current production phase or volume, but may not always have the resources in place to set up and maintain the necessary infrastructure. If you want to expand rapidly while keeping a close eye on operational costs, we are here as a trusted partner to help you obtain your business and technology goals.

Rapid implementation: business-specific cloud MES solutions without customization
With Werum PAS-X as a Service, we offer our proven market leading MES software & intelligence products as cloudbased solutions, fully managed by us. The implementation follows our ready-to-run approach for rapid deployment: based on our software, services and content suites, we provide business-specific solutions without further customization. Installation is further accelerated since recipe design takes place in parallel with system configuration.

Easy-to-use: reduce IT responsibility by up to 75%
and focus on your core business With Werum PAS-X as a Service, life science companies can focus on their core business – manufacturing vital, often life-saving pharmaceutical medicines and biopharmaceutical products – while leaving the application and infrastructure support to Körber: through our fully managed services, customers' IT responsibility is reduced by 75%!
What's more, upfront investment can be decreased by up to 65%, with minimized costs for deployment and operations. Operational efficiency is at its highest because we take care of ongoing maintenance and upgrades for reduced downtime. Manufacturers can always scale their cloud-based solution according to their business needs, independent of facility size or location. They have access to the latest, state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring high availability and business continuity.

Secure cloud services
Körber collaborates with Azure to provide a hosted solution that delivers security, reliability and high availability using a range of applications driven by the requirements of the life sciences industry. Our Körber cloud services team provides you with peace of mind through seamless maintenance and upgrades, monitoring, confidentiality, integrity, and highly available systems.

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