Vessel Insight - unlock the value of your data

por Kongsberg Digital

Vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure to capture and aggregate quality data

KONGSBERG Vessel Insight

Vessel Insight enables customers to unlock the value of their data in a simple way - giving them a competitive edge in our fast-paced digital world. 

The solution provides vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure ensuring that customers can capture and aggregate quality data from their fleet in a cost effective and secure way. 

With Vessel Insight, onshore and on-site staff involved in fleet management and operations get instant easy access to fleet overview, vessel specific dashboards and data analysis tools. 

In addition, through the Kognifai Marketplace, customers have access to a large range of applications and services that can turn their data into business value - ranging all the way from basic administrative tools to advanced vessel performance. 

KONGSBERG is a leading automation and control system vendor in the maritime industry and has over 30 years of experience from delivering management information systems and as a system integrator in the maritime sector.

Vessel Insight build on top of this experience and is the first step in getting customers started on a digitalization journey and getting ROI from their data. 

Facts about Vessel Insight

  • Subscription based data infrastructure for vessels and storage on Kognifai
  • Hardware: Edge computer and router for collecting data from various systems and sensors onboard vessels (like automation system)
  • Dashboards with fleet, vessel and asset overview
  • Data analysis and export tools and API
  • Access to value adding applications in the Kognifai ecosystem

Vessel Insight Benefits 

  • Low cost data capture. Vessel Insight is a subscription-based service consisting of both hardware and software.
  • Instant access to fleet & vessel data.
  • Access to Kognifai Maritime Ecosystem, access to a broad range of applications ranging from vessel performance to fuel optimization
  • Data quality, insight in vessel connectivity and data integrity
  • Cybersecurity built-in from the start to ensure confidentiality and authorized access to data
  • Open ecosystem makes it easy to integrate with supply partners and other data services
  • Full control and transparency about the data gathered. It is yours to share.

Vessel Insight secures the confidentiality, integrity and safe access to your data by leveraging the capabilities of the Kognifai Ecosystem combined with KONGSBERG's experience in delivering mission critical solutions for over 200 years. 

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