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End-to-end IoT SaaS platform for industrial applications

SensorMine is the comprehensive solution for a IoT SaaS platform, offering a seamless combination of hardware, cloud services, and managed services.

Our solution provides a cost-effective and efficient way for mining companies to monitor their equipment and assets, access valuable insights, and make informed decisions around the clock.

Value Proposition:

  • Enable a full IoT capability without having to build a team to manage the platform, hardware, or have specialist IoT knowledge.

  • Long-Range Asset Monitoring: Stay ahead of potential problems by monitoring assets from a distance.

  • Low Deployment Costs: Deployment is quick and simple with no electrical work required.

  • Effortless Management: Our ever-green offering provides easy management for maximum efficiency.

  • All-Inclusive Solution: The package includes sensors, our cloud AI platform, and managed services at no additional cost (compute bracket pricing t-shirt sizing).

  • User-Friendly App: Deployment is made easy with our simple and intuitive app.

  • Advanced Abnormality Detection: Our cutting-edge FFT and AI technologies ensure that issues are detected early.

Platform Benefits:

  • Quick Deployment: Get started with predictive maintenance in just days and extend the lifespan of your assets.

  • Real-time Monitoring & Alerts: Stay informed with real-time data and alerts from continuous monitoring.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed decisions based on the data gathered from your assets.

  • Predictive Maintenance: Focus on what needs fixing before it becomes a problem.

  • User-Friendly Sensors: Simply attach our sensors to your assets without the need for power or complicated networking.

  • Accessible Interfaces: Easily access data and insights from anywhere with our simple, accessible interfaces.

  • End-to-End Solution: Our solution covers everything from sensors to insights and ongoing management.

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