por LaLiga Tech, S.L.

Mediacoach, real-time match data and visualisations for sports

Mediacoach is a real-time data platform for sports that revolutionizes game management and match content.

Using perimeter cameras installed within the stadiums, Mediacoach tracks the movements of each player at speeds of up to 25 frames per second, delivering real-time data on hundreds of different metrics per player. This data is accessed by coaching staff through a shared cloud platform where they can analyse team or individual performance during the match, as well as to compile post-match reports or to prepare for the next match.

Mediacoach gives sports teams the opportunity to review personalised stats from across the whole competition, creating new levels of opposition scouting, match preparation and in-game tactical changes. By tracking physical data, this also helps prevent injuries from occurring.

Broadcasters who own competition rights can also use this match data to enhance storytelling, bringing new tactical insights and graphics to watching audiences and creating more informed pre- and post-match content as well as broader data-driven campaigns.

All LaLiga Tech solutions are made available through its digital ecosystem, a single platform that interconnects any and all of the above products, meaning vital information about fan behaviours and business departments can be shared across the whole organisation.

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