TeamShare Case and Document Management

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TeamShare is a SaaS based case, document, task and process management system for Microsoft365

TeamShare - Effective case management and document management

TeamShare is a system for case management and document management that easily and elegantly solves the organization's documentation task.

TeamShare is also a specialized tool that is used to ensure that the assets the organization has in the form of documents and emails become available to employees.

TeamShare is designed so that it supports the organization's need for knowledge sharing in the private and public sectors respectively.

Office integration. Close integration with Microsoft Office products such as Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel and PowerPoint allow users to work from their preferred applications.

Search. TeamShare allows you to search for documents based on all information of the document, both metadata and content, in a Google like search.

Outlook email saving. The quick access to direct email journaling via drag and drop is an example of the high level of integration with Microsoft Office.

GDPR data. TeamShare supports the processing of sensitive and traceable information in connection with the Personal Data Regulation (GDPR) with built-in tools for e.g. insight cases, reports, etc.

Benefits of TeamShare

  • Better knowledge sharing with excellent search facilities that provide quick access to documents, drawings, diagrams etc.
  • Effective project management tool with flexible adaptation of workflows and templates
  • More satisfaction among employees, who can spend time on what they are trained for, instead of creating folders and tasks manually.
  • Better Governance for the company, with uniform work methods and workflows
  • Supports user workflows by integration into Outlook and Office applications
  • Standard system based on SharePoint and Microsoft 365
  • Better security with rights management and role concepts.
  • Improved internal communication with colleagues.
  • Integration with Teams

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