LDC Scalable Moodle

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LDC combined the power of Moodle with the scalability of Azure in its unique hosted Moodle offering

LDC Scalable Moodle

  • Scalability:LDC hosted Moodle guarantees a scalable solution, up to thousands of users.
  • Improved application performance:  Hosting your Moodle with LDC on Azure ensures that all its storage and processing capacity is fulfilled delivering a fully functional application with zero downtime.
  • Lesser cost:Outsourcing your application hosting on Azure and management to LDC saves you tremendous costs particularly when you have an expanding user base.
  • Sustainability:With LDC hosted Moodle, educators can rest assured their data will always be easily accessible at any time regardless of the number of users. 

What is Moodle?

Used by more than 138 million users in over 200 countries Moodle is the leading open source learning management system worldwide. Moodle users have experienced countless advancements in the quality of the education they receive whether it is in k-12, higher ed, or corporate training. Moodle helps learners, students, parents, or teachers easily

  • connect and collaborate
  • create and share material
  • stay on top of their classes, deadlines and important events with Moodle calendar
  •  keep track of grades
  • take online quizzes


Below are some of the important features of Moodle:


  • Powerful, flexible and collaborative learning:Moodle allows users to communicate in wikis, forums, polls and surveys; its collaborative tools enables creativity
  • Open Source:Being open source means you can effortlessly download and edit Moodle to your own liking and all while being free
  • Intuitive interface:Moodle's features and tools are very easy to use and follow
  • Insightful reporting: Users can benefit from actionable data analysis by generating and viewing a variety of reports
  • Easier grading:custom grading scales, weights and rubrics all make the complex grading process a piece of cake
  • Extendable and customizable:enrich your Moodle LMS with over 1400 public and free plugins created by Moodle's Global Community