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Bubbles is chatting framework supports agents live chat and automated chat-bot (Supports Arabic)

Messaging apps and social media have officially replaced emails and phone calls. Chatting modules now have the upper hand in maintaining a perfect customer communication channel, with massive efficiency. Bubbles Chat technology help you achieve the level of communication your business deserves.

Bubbles Communication Framework is unsurpassed chatting solution including both Bubbles chat and chat bot. Bubbles is your channel to listen, respond and have 360 cycle of Customer Care. Bubbles support to be close to customers, engage with them and get their full satisfaction via mobile chat. The solution is fully customizable to fit the different needs of each business, more over it can be integrated with Dynamic365, Zendesk, ZOHO CRM, Freshdesk CRM, OpenAPI & social networks (Twitter & Facebook). Bubbles Communication Framework offers an incredible user engagement experience, especially that most B2C communication channels have lost their spark, and for good reason.

Bubbles offers you two different ways to help you in offering your customers the perfect customer service experience they deserve. Bubbles Chat is embeddable and fully customizable web chat widget that can be included in any website or integrated with social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter). Chat bot can be hosted both on premises or on cloud. Moreover, Bubbles has an easy to install mobile chat SDK that can be integrated in mobile app built on IOS, Android or Windows Platforms. The two main components of the solution include:

  • Bubbles Chat Bot
  • Bubbles Live Chat

Bubbles Live Chat bot is mainly for agents, giving the agent an easy and friendly interface to deal with your customers’ requests. Admins can view the different conversations in a dashboard showing all the necessary details.

Bubbles Chabot helps your business receive different customer requests in a real timely manner. With the ability to focus on the details and to act efficiently while delivering each request. Chat bot can simulate the human agents; can comprehend the customer’s enquiries (Text or Voice) and reply with a precise action (Greeting, Question answer or ask questions to fill and post form.

By using these two different components you will be able to manage the different requests by your customers right away. The two modules can work simultaneously, meaning that you can direct the customer from the Bubbles chat bot to the live chat module in cases that need your agents action. An examples of how the chat bot and live chat can work together are listed below:

  • The bot can respond if the agent is offline or out of working hours.
  • The bot can respond before the user is routed to the agent, to collect some data about the user.
  • The bot can be the main responder and route the user to the live chat only if it couldn’t answer the question.

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