CRM Automotive Solution

por Link Development

Solution to streamline Automotive sales and empower communication with customers

Auto Link Solution provides the below list of features:

Case Management:

For either small companies or large corporate network, business can’t survive without delivering quality support to customers. Automated Case Management module inside Auto Link solution can be a powerful tool that grants effective relationships management with existing customers as well as potential customers.
The solution optimizes business process for managing users’ requests, queries, complaints and after-sale service requests by adding the following features:

  • Providing a 360 view of the customer
  • Routing the case to the different teams according to the subject trees
  • Notifying the customers through multiple channels with updates
  • SLA rules for customer first contact and case resolution and escalation mechanism
  • Reports/dashboards on the team performance and resulting leads.

Sales Management:

Auto Link solution manages the lead initiation processes from different channels (Enquiries, social media posts, advertisements, trade shows, …etc.

Microsoft Social Engagement solution listens continuously to social media posts and creates leads automatically inside CRM once found potential customers.

CRM solution manages the retail process passing through lead qualifications based on customer full 360 profile and automated access to full “Linked in” profile that contains customer working company, size and maturity of the company, work stability indicator based on current spent years with the current and previous employers from inside CRM. In addition, it automates the process of visiting the show rooms and test drive process.

Reports and Dashboards

Auto Link solution includes full customized power BI reports and dashboards that can be used by directors and top level managers to provide beneficial insights for the entire activities including entire team performance, sales statistics and timeline factors with the ability to drill down and find details by region, specific time frame, specific show room, specific sales executive, …. Etc.

Social engagement integration:

Social engagement solution provides statistics and dashboards collected from different social media channels to capture the feedback of the public regarding specific products in the different market zones.

Marketing specialists can easily manage the interaction with public users on their official social media pages from inside the social engagement solution, in addition they can capture users’ feedback regarding their competitors in the market.

Social engagement solution can easily define any complaints from the customer on social media and automatically creates cases inside CRM so the customer service team can act accordingly. In addition, it defines the potential leads and creates leads automatically for sales people to handle accordingly.

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