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Unified Customer Experience Management

Locobuzz is a unified customer experience platform that converges technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics to help brands forge stronger relationships with their customers and increase their lifetime value. We connect organizations with their customers across a spectrum of digital channels and leverage analytics and automation to increase efficiency across business processes and create a seamless experience for customers.  Locobuzz CX Platform is designed to work on a standalone basis or as an integrated solution that can be fused with various departments and functional verticals like product teams, marketing teams, customer experience, CRM & sales teams & more. The marketing teams can derive inputs that aid in designing campaigns, monitor brand chatter, identify influencers and benchmark with the competitors. The customer experience teams can engage with customers, resolve queries, identify patterns, streamline the process for efficiency to improve customer satisfaction scores. Sales teams can identify leads and other engagement opportunities. Locobuzz helps brands derive rich and detailed insights that drive business decisions, product innovation and factor a remarkable growth potential in the digital realm. We are largely sector agnostic and we have helped our clients streamline their customer experience processes, leading them to create long- lasting relationships with their customers & position them as thought leaders in their domain.

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