Lynx MOSA.ic for Azure

por Lynx Software Technologies

Deploy Azure services on Edge Computing servers/gateways to securely manage real-time equipment

Merging IT and OT networks brings challenges of security, guaranteeing real-time performance and connectivity for deployed systems

Cloud infrastructure is clearly one of the most powerful innovations of recent times. Many companies wish to extend that technology out as to close to endpoints as possible to derive insights from data being collected in the operational technology (OT) networks. The systems connected to these networks are diverse and many demand extremely high reliability and guaranteed response times (less than 1mS) to a specific event. Imagine a robot working collaboratively with an employee on a car manufacturing line for example. 
Lynx MOSA.ic for Azure is the platform that enable the diverse set of analytics, artificial intelligence and update capabilities to be extended into these demanding "mission critical" environments such as manufacturing and logistics facilities. Lynx MOSA.ic for Azure is effectively that bridge between the old and the new, providing seamless connectivity to the wired and wireless networks that are used in industrial environments, delivering deterministic real-time responses to events and ensuring that those critical applications run reliably and safely irrespective as to what other applications are operating on the server/gateway hardware at that time. 

End customer benefits;

  1. An ability to migrate certain functions from hardware implementations to software, increasing plant management and support of new functionality
  2. Dramatic hardware cost, power and footprint savings through consolidation of functionality onto single compute platforms
  3. Increased immunity to cyberattack from the reduction of the attack surface and unique isolation architecture provided by Lynx's solution 

Key Industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics Warehouses
  • Smart Cities

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