Maison Campus Management Solution

por Maison Consulting & Solutions

Campus Management software and services in step with higher education’s demands for better services.

Our solution is a comprehensive campus management platform for the education industry. It serves Enterprise, Corporate and SMB (K12 Schools, Universities). With our platform, educational institutions can easily manage and track student affairs, fees, academics, marketing and exams.

Our student affairs management feature allows schools to efficiently manage student data and track student performance. The fee management feature helps in tracking the fee payments and creating invoices. The academics management feature allows the schools to easily manage course schedules and student grades. Marketing management feature allows educational institutions to create, manage, and track marketing campaigns, reaching prospective students and promoting the school.

Our solution also includes examination management and feedback management to track student's performance and improve the quality of education. Additionally, the solution includes student and faculty portals, where students and faculty can access their personal information and class information respectively, and MS Outlook integration for calendar syncing and Smart phone integration for access to the solution on-the-go.

Key features include:

  • Student Affairs Management: Efficiently manage student data and track student performance
  • Fee Management: Track fee payments and create invoices
  • Academics Management: Manage course schedules and student grades
  • Marketing Management: Create, manage, and track marketing campaigns
  • Examination: Track students performance and improve the quality of education
  • Feedback management: Get feedback from students and improve the education system
  • Student and Faculty portals: Access to personal information and class information
  • MS Outlook Integration: Calendar syncing
  • Smart Phone Integration: Access to the solution on-the-go

Our solution helps educational institutions streamline their operations, increase productivity, and improve their student engagement, retention and enroll-ment.

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