Leni Pharma Portfolio Management


AI powered analytics for R&D function of pharmaceutical companies

Customer Needs or Pain Points

Pharma companies spend years and billions of dollars in clinical development processes and trials for new drugs. Under pressure to optimize the limited resources and budgets within and across drug development portfolios, R&D portfolio managers most often live with ‘uncertainty’ while racing against time.

A Solution Summary

Leni's AI-powered R&D Portfolio Manager is an Artificial Intelligence-driven solution which helps portfolio managers assess risk of ongoing clinical trials, simulate and determine success of future clinical trials and studies, provide an industry comparison of competitor studies, and predict the probability of successful completion of studies as per schedule. All these insights are available in a matter of seconds, which aid in faster decision making and efficient allocation of resources.

Topical Relevance in Today’s World

The solution becomes rather relevant and critical given the COVID-19 pandemic as it can provide insights on the risks around the completion of on-going clinical studies, industry benchmark comparisons and assessment of future trials via simulations.

A Peak into Solution’s Capabilities

Ask Leni for insights across your R&D data sources and get full spectrum of analytics complexity from descriptive to predictive. Some of the questions that you may ask Leni are listed below​:

Descriptive - What is the risk associated with study for Therapy X?

Diagnostic - How does Phase II Trial - ​Therapy X timelines compare to KMR benchmarks?

Prescriptive (What-if) - Will a future trial for Therapy X succeed compared with competitor studies A, B, C as a base? ​

Applicability to other Industries

The solution is extensible with minimal effort to long cycle, large capital-intensive projects in any industry - Pharma/IT/Infra/Construction