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Automated UA Data Backup in Just a Few Clicks

Backup your Google Universal Analytics data with Maya Insights

As the Universal Analytics sunset approaches, safeguarding your valuable historical data is crucial. Maya Insights offers a solution to backup your UA data to Maya or your Google BigQuery instance and visualize them through PowerBI, ensuring you maintain access to your marketing insights. With Maya, you can effortlessly connect your UA property, automatically export your data, and leverage our powerful data modeling capabilities.

Start with these 3 steps for Effortless Data Backup

  • Seamlessly connect your Universal Analytics property and Google BigQuery instance with just a few clicks in Maya's intuitive interface.

  • Automatically extract and securely archive 100% of your UA data – including events, metrics, dimensions, and more – to your BigQuery warehouse.

  • Set it and forget it – Maya handles the entire backup process, ensuring you never lose access to your valuable historical data.

Powerful Data Modeling

  • Get your raw UA data into a marketing-centric data model, ready for analysis without complex data wrangling.

  • Leverage Maya's pre-built semantic data model, designed specifically for marketers and business users.

  • Slice and dice your data in PowerBI across various dimensions like channels, campaigns, product categories, and more, enabling deep-dive analysis.

Intuitive Analysis in your familiar Power BI interface

  • “See” your backed-up UA data into Power BI, for effortless visualization and analysis.

  • Generate comprehensive reports and dashboards in Power BI to get actionable insights into your marketing performance, empowering data-driven decision-making.

  • Democratize access to insights across your organization, enabling everyone to make informed decisions based on data and over a familiar interface.

Cost and Time Savings

  • No additional data analysis tools or resources needed.

  • Eliminate hours of manual data sorting and analysis.

  • Pay once, get your data forever.

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