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Secure Task Management with MeisterTask: Projects That Work.

MeisterTask is a web-based task and project management tool that is perfect for agile project management.

A beautifully designed interface, intuitive functionality, built-in project documentation, and seamless integration with other business tools make it a logical choice for project teams that want to get more done together.

MeisterTask is a Trusted Cloud certified service and complies with strict privacy and online data security standards: GDPR in Europe and CCPA in the US.

MeisterTask is designed to meet the needs of project teams of all sizes. It accommodates all types of workflows - from simple static project boards to software sprints, Kanban systems, and more.

MeisterTask seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft ecosystem: you can log in to MeisterTask with Microsoft 365 credentials and connect any MeisterTask project to a Microsoft 365 account to automate project notifications.

  • The Microsoft Teams Integration allows you to display and manage project boards without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. The integration fosters real-time collaboration and enhances team productivity by centralizing task management within the familiar Microsoft Teams environment.
  • The Microsoft Outlook add-on allows you to create new tasks and add to your existing tasks with a single click, making it easy to capture action items and manage tasks directly from the email inbox. Simplify task management and ensure that important action items are never overlooked!

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