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Unleash airline performance across the crew life cycle

Air travel is an industry that demands perfection. So why are so many complex scheduling, resourcing and planning decisions still left to chance? Over 800,000 pilots and crew worldwide must be optimized to balance performance, cost, compliance and crew satisfaction. 

That’s where comes in to unleash airline performance. Our airline performance platform shapes long-range strategic initiatives and workforce plans with new levels of prevision, optimizes near-term decisions for perfect schedules and disruption avoidance, delivers with confidence, and constantly learns how to do better.  

Our solution - Crew Optimization

Our advanced crew analytics software creates optimization scenarios by comparing thousands of data possibilities with your airline objectives and rules to identify ideal pairings and rosters. Month-ahead to long-range scenario planning helps you proactively manage your workforce and resources, plus take strategic action to protect against disruption.

How big data drives airline productivity and increases margins

At we unlock big data to drive productivity and margins. We have powerful algorithms to make sense of millions of data points across 35,000 crew members, 1.4m tracked flights, and 1.1k daily optimizations. Responding to business changes is simple with our inbuilt flexibility to align to different business models and IT. 

  • Ability to ingest data from your existing crew management solutions unlocks rapid value
  • Simple and guided implementation 
  • Improved airline workforce management & greater planning accuracy
  • Optimized crew efficiency with a 2-10% increased margin 
  • Interact quickly through the crew portal & mobile apps for stronger engagement

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