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One-stop-shop tool for B2C customer retention and personalization in omnichannel environment

The product was designed to relief customer data and campaigns orchestration pain in multi-channel or omnichannel B2C marketing. The product contains four functional modules: - The Customer Data Platform, which merges and cleans in real-time customer-related data (personal, transactions, behavioural, products, product properties, orders etc.), pulled from the existing company systems, thus creating the unified customer profile ("golden record"). Using the CDP, a marketer could build up any segment, using visual constructor, without the need in SQL, data move or IT support - Communication Module: allows to set up and launch manual or automated communication campaigns and chains via connected channels (email, SMS, messengers, Web & Mobile push, chatbots, Wallets, Website areas & pop-up windows) or custom touchpoints, like Call centre, tablets, cashier POS screen, in-store screens etc. Each message is generated in real-time, using the same set of rules for the specific channel, thus dramatically reducing the number of routine tasks and enhancing the content personalization. A lot of services included are designed to made marketer's life easier, like automated multivariate A/B tests, adaptive communication frequency control, advanced template rendering engine. - Promotion and loyalty rule engine: allowing marketers to tune up a promotion or bonus points rules for the specific segment of customers or the specific orders or both, making not only communications to be personal, but and purchase order as well. Real-time offer calculation, ready-to-use for products catalogue or shopping cart or mobile application. Powerful priority engine could help to choose the right promotions to use in the complex environments with hundreds of tailored promotions running simultaneously - Algorithms: AI-driven set of tools to further improve the personalization and cut more routine tasks off. Predictive product recommendations, automated RFM, Churn Prediction, Next Best Offer, Automated Communication Frequency control and others. The product is delivered as a SaaS service, with free integration and data move. The subscription includes email / push messaging platform with unlimited number of traffic and premium support from Mindbox’s personal manager.

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