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CCMS is Hybrid cloud-based Chatbot Build & Management Solution.

CCMS is an AI technology-based interactive consultation agent system, enabling dialogue management through Natural Language-Processing technology. Using natural simulation dialogue techniques through dialogue modeling and knowledge accumulation in Microsoft's LUIS, this advanced AI system accumulates data continuously during a conversation and provides an appropriate answer to the situation.

- Feature
○ Automatic consultation and handling
- Interactive consultation system that can respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
- Automatic query function to identify user's needs
- Consultation for a civil petition according to the user's needs
○ Efficient maintenance
- Provides a monitoring tool for checking dialogue processing details
- Effective response to service failures through the use of Azure (Azure App Service)
- Advanced scenarios through periodic log analysis and learning
○ Cooperation with Professional Consultants, Call Back, and Notice
- Automatically Connection Professional Consultant in case of AI Consulting failure as the First Response
- Consultant calls back and sends push notifications in the case that immediate response is not possible
- Business
○ Virtual Secretary/Smart Speaker (SK Network O&S Communication Equipment A/S Speech Secretary Service)
○ Global Call Center/Customer Response Service (LINE Plus BITBOX Digital Token Exchange Global AI Call Ccenter)
○ Intelligent Help Desk (HYUNDAI Heavy Industries AI Help Desk)
○ Analysis of Medical Data, Q&A (KANGBUK SAMSUNG HOSPITAL Q&A Chatbot)
- Industry
○ Multilingual Dialogue/Q&A
○ Automatic Translation/Interpretation
○ Finance/Insurance/Communication
○ IT Help Desk
○ Medicine and Health Care
○ Secretary Services

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