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mnubo delivers IoT analytics & artificial intelligence solutions to connected product manufacturers

mnubo delivers IoT analytics and artificial intelligence solutions to connected product manufacturers. Bringing together the best engineers and AI experts, mnubo delivers out-of-the-box insights, automated reports and advanced IoT data science.

Fastest time-to-insight

  • SmartObjects is flexible and can be implemented in days vs. months.
  • It leverages the latest industry expertise, promotes business agility, and scales-as-you-grow.
  • It includes an extensive library of out-of-the-box insights that are available as soon as sensor data is streaming in

Insights are actionable

  • Link insights to actions that drive business value.
  • Use SmartObjects to send reports to executives, build cases and trigger actions in CRM & ERP systems, feed corporate-wide BI solutions, and much more

Catered to all corporate stakeholders

SmartObjects’ actionable insights cover the needs of all OEM corporate stakeholders, from R&D, to product management, sales, marketing and C-Level

No vendor lock-in

SmartObjects is neutral of any connectivity, devices, applications, etc. Furthermore, mnubo does not own any of its customer’s data

Full IoT data stack in one SaaS solution

SmartObjects is a complete SaaS solution that does not require a long rollout plan, IT resources or additional development skills.

  • Big Data storage and archival

    SmartObjects leverages the latest Big Data and AI technologies and architectures so you don’t have to

  • Data cleanup & enrichment

    Model data according to your business needs and enrich it using any external or internal services (e.g weather, geo-location, ERP, CRM, Asset Mgt etc)

  • Rich, flexible API’s

    Uncover actionable insights by integrating with fully documented JSON REST APIs that include an advanced query language

  • Data visualization & reporting

    Access pre-built dashboards and reports or create your own customized dashboard without additional coding

Near real-time & comprehensive view of any connected product

  • Plug & Play

    Eliminate months of software integration and machine learning models training

  • Integrated view of data

    Real-time data is delivered to the appropriate stakeholder so they can quickly respond to problems and exploit new opportunities

  • Out-of-the-box Insights

    Instantly deliver, at scale, out-of-the-box insights to understand operations, faults, product usage, customer engagement/churn, etc.

  • Available SDKs (and growing)

    Java, JavaScript, .NET, Python, iOS, Android

  • Data ingestion compliance

    Lambda, MQTT, Node-RED, Webhooks, WebSockets, etc

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