Akkodis Rapid Delivery Platform

por Akkodis Consulting

Akkodis Rapid Delivery Platform fast tracks your application deployments accelerating outcomes.

The Akkodis Rapid Delivery Platform enables you to fast track your application deployments leveraging Akkodis’ modular component framework and templates which Akkodis combines with the Akkodis Way of Delivery Framework to accelerate Microsoft Power Apps application development. The Akkodis developed artefacts accelerate the Software Development Lifecycle to deliver on the high-productivity low-code platform. This creates a shift from a developer-centric approach to a more business-centric approach. It enables both quick prototyping as well as delivering complete and innovative enterprise applications.

Using the Akkodis Rapid Delivery Platform, organisations can build and release apps faster than ever before, while ensuring that those apps can evolve with the business and stay up to date for far longer. Create better in-house applications quickly, directly incorporate feedback, update, iterate, and improve easily.

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