Monitera Engage

por Angelabs Int. Yaz. Dan. Hiz. Tic. A.S.

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Provide excellent social media customer service to keep your customers happy.

Monitera Engage helps companies or brands to use their social media accounts as a customer service channel. Improve customer relationships in real-time to solve their problems in public conversations or private messages. With integrations, connect your social media customers with other channels. Measure your social media customer service performance by defining customer SLAs and more KPIs.

Case management

All related messages from the same customer are grouped in the same case.

Flexible configurations

Define users, working hours, categories, and SLAs.

Quick Replies

Ease your life with saved replies and make your answers well structured.

KPI & Reporting

Measure and report your performance based on SLAs and working hours.

Customized Customer Card

Save customer info in an exclusive customer card and make them valuable.


Connect your social media customers with your CRM and other channels.

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