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Compare design files and prints in less than a minute with MoonDesk Image Compare.

MoonDesk is a platform that simplifies the edition of design files, integrates communication, and automates control. Designed for delivering solutions for those that are involved in the creation, management, and review processes of packaging designs such as Designers, Brand Managers, Marketing Teams, Production Managers, etc.

Image Compare is our feature that helps you to validate two design files, including scanned files from print. It is easy to miss small graphical or textual changes, which can result in shipping wrongly labeled or packed products. With the use of Azure Cognitive Services and ComputerVision, this MoonDesk feature helps to review the design files properly.

How does it work?

Visit our demo page and follow 4 steps for a perfect review:

  1. Drag or select the two images to be compared.
  2. Press the compare button.
  3. The system will align them and highlight the differences.
  4. The system shows you the differences in the selected color.

You can switch between graphical differences and text, hide differences or change the color in the side navigation. The opacity slider helps you to compare differences manually.

What are the benefits of Image Compare?

  • Productivity: Less time for reviews, more time to create values for your company.
  • Time: Accelerates time-to-market and reduces review costs.
  • Control: Find the differences in your files, making your revision more detailed and precise. Reduces human errors and creates trackability.
  • Carbon footprint: Avoid re-printing and re-labeling because of errors. Reduce environmental impact.

Don't waste any more time comparing letter by letter! Try our demo page and please give us your feedback! We strive to optimize Image Compare for your particular needs.

If you are interested in a full demo, click on the Contact Me button.

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