AI Inspection Engine for Non-Life Insurance Claims

por MotionsCloud

insurance claims automation, claims innovation, claimtech

MotionsCloud is an Insurtech firm that enables property and vehicle insurance companies to streamline and automate claims processes using computer vision technologies. Powered by AI computer vision technologies and user-friendly policyholder interfaces, MotionsCloud evaluates vehicle and home damages based on images sent in by policyholders/claimants and generates an assessment of damage severity, possible treatment, and estimated costs.

Some of the most common challenges insurance companies face include complex and tedious claims processes, huge operational costs and poor customer claims support. MotionsCloud´s innovative approach helps organizations overcome these challenges by reducing claim cycle time from 3 weeks to 3 hours, cutting up to 75% of processing costs and as well as improving the overall customer experience. This is accomplished via the following 3 modules:

Module 1: An augmented reality mobile web app for consumers/property managers/drivers to perform a simple self-inspection of their vehicle or property.

Module 2: An AI computer vision technologies module to scan and analyze photos/videos taken from module 1, which in turn generates a damage assessment report in minutes.

Module 3: A remote live video inspection module for more complicated inspections in which an expert can perform remote inspections via the mobile web app and together with the consumer/property manager/ driver.

No app download, installation nor registration is required to use MotionsCloud.

MotionsCloud’s modules can be used individually or in combination according to a client’s specific needs. Rather than replace an insurance company’s claims system, MotionsCloud serves to enhance a firm’s existing claims system through plug and play integrations into a firm’s existing core systems.

MotionsCloud will continue to innovate by rolling out 2 new modules which are pixel level digital fraud detection module and IoT connectivity module to further automate and streamline the claims.

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