Moata Smart Energy

por Mott MacDonald Limited

Mott MacDonald’s suite of solutions to optimise performance and maximise returns from renewables

Moata Smart Energy is a suite of solutions for the renewable energy market that help solve challenges associated with intermittent renewables, such as solar and wind. These might include energy market volatility due to demand being suppressed or curtailed, assets not performing as expected, problems with delivery and risks faced by investors, for example, improving the revenue performance of merchant projects.

The suite of solutions enables renewable developers, investors, transmission and distribution grid operators to design, construct, resource, operate and maintain assets throughout their life cycle. Offering a range of monitoring and plant oversight functions, the Moata platform architecture is scalable to multiple sites with disparate SCADA systems and physical configurations, with a customisable front end and tailored reporting.
Moata Smart Energy leverages Mott MacDonald’s technical quality and depth of engineering expertise formed by many years spent at the forefront of renewable energy. We have extensive experience in supporting the development and operation of renewable energy projects for a wide range of clients including international finance institutions, banks, investment funds, developers and asset managers. 
Our key point of difference in this space is our domain expertise - our real-world experience offers clients a significant advantage by combining engineering knowledge with digital capability from the outset.
The four solutions in this suite are:
Moata Met Wise: An environmental monitoring platform for solar, wind and marine renewables providing greater confidence over local weather resources.
Moata Demand Forecaster: Provides electricity demand forecasts from real-time operational data, driving down the costs of grid balancing and integration by improving the accuracy of forecasts.
Moata Solar Yield Forecaster: Forecasts the electricity generation of large, complex projects or multi-site portfolios.
Moata Portfolio Optimiser: Provides real-time monitoring and analytics on plant performance to facilitate proactive maintenance strategies.

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