AI DCap -Intelligent Document Processing Solution

por MOURI Tech

AI DCap -Intelligent Document Processing Solution

“Create real value in your business processes by automating Data extraction and capturing from any document (Handwritten, PDF, scanned or others).”

Most of the enterprises are struggling about their data extraction process, as they are Time-consuming, Prone to error, Expensive, Not efficient and Long. Modern business needs an elevation from automated data capture technology to 'intelligent' data capture technological enhancement. Intelligent capture software does not need any templates, keywords, formal definitions, taxonomies, or any indexing to execute data extraction, information processing and final output. It extracts right set of information, regardless of size, format, language or even symbol used in documents of any types So MOURI Tech came-up with a scalable AI solution for document data extraction.


MOURI Tech's Intelligent data processing (IDP) solution - AI DCap, extracts wide range of data from simple to complex or unstructured documents. AI DCap has ability to continuously auto-learn using its AI algorithms and specific business rules. It is compatible with legacy as well as modern ERP systems. AI DCap is modular, configurable, and customizable and available as public or private cloud solution.


AI DCap Solution runs well on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure AI, Data Integration, Logic Apps etc are used to provide a strong AI-Cloud solution that is simple, secure, scalable and faster to use. 

“Save time and money by eliminating data entry and manual steps by 95% in your document data extraction processes across the business.”

Business benefits:

  • Reduced operational overheads: Move resources to higher-value tasks.
  • Simplified processing: Embed to RPA/ ERP workflows.
  • Incremental ROI: Auto-learn system resulting higher returns.
  • Improved operational efficiency: Automated processes with accuracy and speed.
  • Resource optimization: Achieve >95% data capture accuracy.
  • Reliable: Processing over 5 million pages per month.
Take forward your digital transformation journey with AI DCap.

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