Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention

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Namogoo blocks unauthorized injected ads and improves eCommerce KPIs

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The Problem: Online Journey Hijacking

Namogoo protects eCommerce businesses from Online Journey Hijacking, an invisible but rapidly growing problem that cuts into companies’ bottom lines.

15-25% of website sessions, including mobile, are interrupted by unauthorized ads injected into consumer browsers, including banners, pop-ups, and in-text redirects, that divert customers to competitors, harming conversion rates and other critical business metrics while damaging brand equity.

These ads are caused by digital malware running on the customer’s browser, device, or WiFi network, and effectively bypass server-side visibility and control.

The Business Impact

Our customers include TUMI, Asics, Deckers Brands, Dollar Shave Club, Upwork, Argos, Samsonite,, and OpenSky.

Companies who eliminate Online Journey Hijacking with Namogoo immediately realize business improvements:

  • Immediate Conversion Uplift of 2-5%
  • Increase Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) by 10-30%
  • Decrease shopping cart abandonment by 5-9%

The Solution: Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention

Namogoo’s patented technology identifies unauthorized activity and blocks it in real time. Namogoo consistently wins back revenue for online businesses and delivers a distraction-free journey. * Namogoo does not collect your customers' Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

How Namogoo Prevents Customer Journey Hijacking

Namogoo’s cloud-based solution uses Machine Learning to monitor and analyze millions of web sessions from the server all the way to customers’ browsers, and uses pattern analysis techniques to classify invasive web activity and prevent it from running. Namogoo’s proactive core engine leverages thousands of data points related to deep content inspection, statistical analysis, and indicative behavioral patterns in order to reach decisions.

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