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Esphera is a Business Intelligence and Revenue Audit platform focused in sales performance.

ESPHERA, developed by NAPP Solutions is a BI and Audit platform on Microsoft Azure. ESPHERA provides real-time insights by connecting to retail POS/ERP/PDV systems.
Esphera is designed with a focus on Malls, Franchisers and Retailers.Our focus is Multistore business (Franchise).
ESPHERA provides advanced analytics in the critical part of the business. Using B.I. our dashboards reveal exactly what is happening in your business.

Our platform helps business understand performance minute by minute. For example:

  • Sales in Real-Time AND Ranking 
    • By Store
    • By Floor
    • By Product
  • Marketing Events
  • Performance against Quotas

Using ESPHERA, determine the best mix of stores, mix of products and understanding store adjacencies that drive higher consumer spending.

Installation is simple and fast connecting to more than 550 POS systems. Contact us to connect your POS/ERP/PDV systems to ESPHERA.

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