Marketplace Services Platform


End-to-end platform for operating marketplaces in multiple industries

The Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform (MSP) is an end-to-end platform built Nasdaq’s decades of market expertise and tech know how to operate marketplaces in a variety of industries. The SaaS platform provides capabilities spanning the transaction lifecycle to facilitate the frictionless exchange of assets, services and information with the flexibility to address tokenized and esoteric assets and a broad array of B2B and B2C models.  MSP is designed with the rigorous regulatory, reliability and security standards of the financial industry so that organizations safely and efficiently create and launch new marketplace offerings with reliable scalability to adjust as the business grows and evolves.


A single platform to address all of your end-to-end marketplace needs:

  • Marketplace Creation: Manage the major components of market creation including market and customer access, governance model, and complete data management framework and solution architecture - the platform's overall security, reliability and scalability - through the platform.
  • Price Discovery: Issue assets, negotiate pricing in real-time between buyers and sellers, provide transparent pricing information to involved parties, and exchange assets using a variety of market and matching models with added integrity controls for risk management and surveillance.
  • Transaction Resolution: More safely manage the ownership transfer, delivery and payment for goods and services from one party to another leveraging the inherent benefits of DLT technology.



Current use cases for the Marketplace Services Platform include but are not limited to commercial or residential properties, insurance contracts, sports players, loyalty points, advertising units, excess shipping space and any type of cryptocurrency, tokenized or digitalized asset.

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