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CustomerIQ enables churn prediction, customer lifetime value forecasting, and personalization.

CustomerIQ is a holistic platform and services solution from Fractal Analytics. It leverages Microsoft platforms, such as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Azure Machine Learning, and Fractal Analytics’ expertise, accelerators, and templates in machine learning and AI, to offer an integrated solution that enables companies to become more customer-centric.

With CustomerIQ, customer data from across the entire buying journey is consolidated and unified on a single platform. Fractal Analytics extends the value of this data with our library of machine learning models, generating powerful insights into customer behavior allowing for dynamic segmentation and personalization at-scale. In turn, marketing investments are optimized to help grow revenues, reduce cost and drive brand growth.

Customers can deploy CustomerIQ gradually to address their more critical challenges first such as:

  • Churn reduction
  • SKU optimization
  • Customer Lifetime Value maximization
  • Promotion optimization
  • In-person to digital interaction integration or transition

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