Neco-SCOM : System Centralized Operations Monitoring

por NebulARC Technologies Pvt Ltd

Remote monitoring of asset health in your cold storages, warehouses, telecom towers with ticketing

Managing environmental data has never been so easy – whatever and whenever you need it – from wherever you are.
The highly comprehensive NeCo-SCOM software takes environmental monitoring data display to another level. Full data collection with interactive graphs, tables and plan views, allows users to slice historical environmental data in many ways for more advanced analysis. NeCo-SCOM administrators can create user groups for tiered management of sensor groups, zones, and/or multi-site management – making managing environmental data easier and more accessible than ever. The solution platform is hosted on Azure cloud and can easily be integrated with external systems.
NeCo-SCOM smartphone app is designed for users to access sensor alarm status, active alarms, list of sites, zones, and sensor groups on the go.
Salient Features
    1. A wide range of measurement options
    2. LCD display for a variety of transmitters and sensors
    3. Reliable, accurate, and durable hardware suitable for long-term environmental monitoring
    4. Long-life batteries that are user changeable
    5. 24/7 monitoring
    6. Automated alarms with various notification options
    7. Backup memory in transmitters and receivers
    8. Automated and manual incident monitoring
    9. Automated reporting
    10. NeCo-SCOM software

Why choose NeCo SCOM ?
Remote monitoring and control systems are increasingly important for organising how people and technology need to function together in modern workplaces. Many businesses are now exploring how M&C systems can improve their management of physical assets.
NeCo SCOM is one stop shop for remotely monitoring your physical asset health and status by getting the real-time data (location, temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude, gaseous presence such as carbon dioxide, ethylene and hydrogen etc , precipitation, wind speed , wind direction along with real-time video). The system can cater to any asset class.
The solution is an ensemble of cutting edge technologies and generate proactive actionable insights on the basis of the real-time and historical data.
Extremely cost effective and eliminate the blind spots within the entire processes.

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