NeoFace Reveal

NEC Corporation of America

Advanced Investigative Solution Using Biometric Technology

Advanced Investigative Solution Using NEC Biometric Technology

NEC NeoFace® Reveal is part of the NEC Digital Platform (NDP) which is a Multi-Modal Biometric Identification Service (MBIS) solution.  It is a latent facial recognition and identification application providing government agencies the ability to detect and identify facial images by quickly searching against small to very large image databases. The solution helps determine identity, match unknown to known contacts, detect and prevent potential fraud, and can enhance quality poor latent face images when needed.

Through the NEC Integrated Biometric Workstation (IBW), NeoFace Reveal provides law enforcement, crime laboratories, and other identification based agencies the ability to match facial images by comparing points on the face of the subject (probe image) to points on the face of candidates in the database.  A list of ranked potential candidate matches is provided back and allows operators to easily scroll through and review the candidate list results, enabling a quick assessment by skilled experts on resulting matches.

Designed to store and search large volumes of facial images, fingerprints, iris, scars, marks and tattoos,  NEC NeoFace Reveal provides Law Enforcement, DMV, Health and Human Services, and other government agencies the ability to identify and authenticate individuals utilizing these different sets of modalities. Solution database sizes range from 100K to 20M images and usually include a disaster recovery solution.  

Built for the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, NeoFace Reveal utilizes cloud-based biometric storage and matching capabilities leveraging the many benefits of the Microsoft Gov Cloud environment. Additional MS Azure Government cloud services include - Azure VPN IP Sec Tunnel, Azure Security Center, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, On-Demand resource scalability and elasticity, Key Vault, Geo-Redundant storage, disaster recovery services, and more.

NEC’s face recognition algorithms are ranked No. #1 by the National Institute for Standards Testing (NIST) to ensure agencies the highest level of accuracy and speed.  NeoFace Reveal is the most resistant technology available to variants in sex, ageing, race and pose angle. 

In summary, NEC’s NeoFace Reveal significantly increases agencies efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing the speed and accuracy of NEC algorithms and matching technology, as well as the configurable workflows, to quickly and accurately identify potential subjects in order to help with investigations, fraud detection and prevention, and many other identification and authentication use cases.

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