ActumPro AI Real-Time Plan Execution Optimization


Operations and resources planning, budgeting, monitoring with real-time adjustment and optimization.

ActumPro brings you significant improvements in:
  • operational and project planning efficacy;
  • expert libraries for standards for all activities in each operational and project domain;
  • feasible and reliable budgeting;
  • stock minimization and optimization;
  • asset and resources utilization efficiency;
  • predictable and controllable operational performance; - high safety and investment returns.
  • Operational and project activities planned in integration with the budgeting process;
  • Integration with existing ERP or other planning and operational systems, for activity planning, resources and budget allocation, etc.
  • Standard procedures can be imported from ERP or created in ActumPro, then exported to ERP;
  • Plan, predict and control the qualitative outcome in integration with time and costs;
  • Ensure safety;
  • Weight better performance indicators for operational and project deployment governance;
  • Import, create and use stock and purchase (logistic) plans as integrated support for feasible operational and project plans;
  • Detect and forecast in real-time and rolling mode deviations from time, cost, resources usage and quality expectations in multiple time frames, while monitoring the plan execution;
  • Diagnose quickly and accurately the causes of unexpected irregularities on the critical path and for critical activities;
  • Optimize adjustments preventively, avoiding so premature shutdowns and any other kind of surprises in operations;
  • Control and minimize in real-time stocks and costs;
  • Send reports to corporate repositories for archiving and further back-office utilization;
  • Optimize and streamline safety, operational, project, purchase, logistic and budgeting procedures.

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