AdmoduNet AI Optimal Pipeline Network Operation


Dynamic multiphase simulation and real-time operation, monitoring, optimization and cost minimizatio

In the low margin business and technical complexity of pipeline networks operation, companies find it more and more difficult to:

  • forecast demand and supply
  • plan and schedule accurately the transportation
  • minimize and eliminate transportability risks
  • ensure reliably demand/supply balance at specified quality and maintain operational profitability

In addition, controlling dynamic blending of different fluids qualities is as challenging for companies as it is the effective handling of condensate and scale building.

AdmoduNet is a suite of software solutions, based on advanced technologies, which marry deep engineering knowledge with predictive and prescriptive analytics (to support your long-term development planning, short term operation and intra-day real-time monitoring and optimization).

It applies to any kind of pipeline network operation type:

  • crude oil and wet gas upstream gathering
  • transportation of gas or petroleum products
  • distribution of dry gas
  • water supply networks

Key Capabilities:

  • Accurate demand forecasting and delivery planning
  • Conversion of commercial contracts into physical network dynamic operation
  • Accurate dynamic network modeling
  • Efficiency maximization by automatic set-points real-time dynamic calculation for delivery optimization and operational costs minimization
  • Predictive maintenance of safe line-pack in gas pipeline networks
  • Predictive dynamic network operation monitoring, diagnosis with predictive operational prescriptions and intra-day correction and optimization
  • Real-time operation optimization to increase significantly economic and operational efficiency, reaching more accurately the plans and enabling operators to fulfill perfectly the demand/supply balance expected by your business partners and customers
  • Planning and scheduling optimization to improve significantly the supply/delivery balance plans and schedules, while issuing optimized operational network control advice to operators
  • Troubleshooting enables your operations support engineers diagnose fast and accurately critical operational problems and find effective solutions optimally close to the initial operational plans disturbed by the occurring problems
  • Long-term network development planning and operation simulation
  • Dynamic survival analysis scenarios with predictive and prescriptive decision support
  • SCADA and IoT integration while controlling and optimizing the economic bottom line of your operations in real-time

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