Netskope Security Cloud

por Netskope

The Netskope security cloud delivers real-time data and threat protection when using cloud services.

The Netskope Security Cloud delivers real-time data and threat protection that complements and integrates with Microsoft cloud solutions. Users can safely and quickly connect to cloud and web applications from anywhere around the world, using Netskope Security Cloud products such as Next Gen SWG (Secure Web Gateway), Private Access and CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker). These services are delivered via NewEdge, Netskope’s security private cloud that provides unparalleled service coverage, performance and resilience. Security teams benefit from Netskope networking and security architecture that's based on Secure Access Service Edge and uses Zero Trust principles to protect users and applications from cybersecurity threats.

Together with Microsoft, Netskope supports key use cases which include:

Threat and Data Protection for all apps, users and endpoints: Netskope Next Gen SWG integrates with Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to provide inline and API protection with shared threat intelligence and policy enforcement for web and sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS/IaaS applications.

Zero Trust with Conditional Access to on-prem and cloud resources: Netskope integrates with Microsoft Intune and Azure AD (Active Directory) for controlling access to managed applications and sensitive data using integrated contextual controls and identity management for simplified administration.

Integrated Information Protection: Enforce Microsoft Information Protection classification, encryption and workflows using integration with Netskope DLP (Data Loss Prevention) for granular policy enforcement across Microsoft and multi cloud applications.

In addition to the security benefits, Netskope is a validated MISA (Microsoft Information Security Association), MAPP (Microsoft Active Protection Program) and NPP (Microsoft Networking Partner Program) Partner. Microsoft customers rely on Netskope to overcome the limitations of their traditional enterprise networking and on-prem security architecture to fully embrace the cloud. Using Netskope, customers can take advantage of a cloud-based architecture that is compliant with Microsoft Networking Principles for fast access to Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft applications.

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