Feedback Cloud

por ODCEM Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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Capture the voice of customers, employees, & partners. Get rich insights to build brand loyalty.

FC is an omnichannel feedback management solution by OneDirect. It seamlessly integrates online and offline touchpoints allow brand managers and CX heads to track measure, and act upon feedback on a near real-time basis.
The platform supports CSAT, NPS, CES, and Research Surveys with an easy to use interface and rich analytics available on the web, Andriod, and iOS.
If you are a user looking for the following then OneDirect Feedback cloud is for you:
1. Track and measure real-time feedback
2. Ensure that the whole company is aligned with data and insights. 
3. Enable last-mile access and ownership
4. Scalable and omnichannel feedback mechanism with strong close looping workflows. 

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