OncoUnite is a software service for tumor genomic data processing, for the purpose of therapy selection and disease outcome prognosis. With OncoUnite software service you can make an interpretation of NGS sequencing results, that can be used for practical purposes: 1) To select an optimal therapy for cancer patient, due to finding of actionable genetic variants and patterns in patient's data, that are associated with the targeted and immune drugs, according to provided trials and manufacturers' prescriptions. 2) To predict the development of cancer, by detecting of genetic variants and their properties in relation to the portrait of the tumor, due to the usage of the relevant databases. OncoUnite can be used by oncology physicians, scientists who works with patients and cell lines, bioinformaticians in cancer, teachers who works with students in oncology, and also generally research facilities, scientific foundations, educational institutions, and oncology clinics. Industries in which OncoUnite can be useful are cancer medicine in part of precision and personalized treatment, oncology science in part of research and education.
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