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Create modern, customer-focused government websites & portals without custom code

The OpenCities web platform helps government agencies stand-up modern, customer-focused websites and online portals. With a code-free, drag & drop approach for digitizing every stage of your customer journey, OpenCities empowers governments of every size to create a world class digital experience, in a fraction of the time, cost and effort of traditional website & service transformation projects.  

And as a SaaS platform that powers millions of resident-government interactions around the world, OpenCities leverages data to continually optimize your customer experience. Out of the box, OpenCities provides governments with:

Drag & drop design engine - Create modern, future-proof websites

Landing pages – Auto assemble page & tasks collections by section

News Directory - Present a directory of news and media releases

Map – Create custom maps from any location-based content

Parks & Rec – Provide a filterable list of local parks and recreation spaces

Departments - Feature city departments, news, events and more

Forms & Policies – A central place for all forms, policies and procedures

Works & Projects – Lookup for city works, projects, road closures

Development Applications – Advertise planning & development applications

Events - Promote upcoming events via lists, calendars & maps

Subscriptions – Notify subscribers when content of interest is published

Broadcasts – Anchor sitewide emergency announcements

Initiatives – Promote city plans & initiatives

Lost Animals - List found and for-adoption pets and animals

Subsites – Create additional websites for your departments

Public Notices - Keep your community notified via the public notices module

Venues for Hire – Promote venues, halls and facilities for booking

Elected Officials – Help residents find & connect with their elected officials

Meetings – A directory for all city meetings, agendas and minutes

Insights Dashboard – Get data driven insights to improve your website

Calendars - Create custom calendars from any time-based content

Services – Transform instructional content into actionable services pages

RFP & Tenders - Display advertised, closed and awarded tenders

Social Connectors – Share content from Twitter & Facebook

MyArea – Show residents their nearest events, parks, works & more

Job Opportunities – Promote open job opportunities with the city

Suggested Content – Automate content based on user needs & interests

AD Connector – Authenticate users with MS Active Directory via Azure

DMS Connectors – Integrate with a range of DMS systems

Online Consultations – Engage your community online

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