Tasken BPA - Office365 Business process automation approval

por Opus Solution

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Easy to setup process definition & approval workflow automation align with organization chart

A product of Opus Solution for project management system with Microsoft Office365. Tasken BPA is a Request Management System solution that helps organizations reduce cost and improve employee satisfaction by providing process definition, workflow automation, and visibility for areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing and other types of services. Basically, any department that receives requests can do it better with Tasken BPA.
Tasken BPA effectively manages the external grant request submission and approval process for multiple activity types in an ever-shifting regulatory environment. Tasken BPA allows organizations to easily track and report on a variety of request activities, providing requestors, approvers, and administrators full visibility into the grant processing lifecycle. Tasken BPA tracks the entire workflow of a grant request including registration, request submission, review and approval, contracting and payment, outcomes and financial reconciliation, and custom reporting
With Tasken BPA, it’s easier than ever to accept requests, forward them to the right team/person and provide an overview of the requests made so as to keep users notified. It leads to improved performance of employees and boosts an organization’s capability to handle service requests in a professional manner

Key Functionalities:
- Define request types and setup workflow for each of request type
- Manage request approval according to the organization chart with Office365 single sign on
- Assign workflow, ensure consistency, and automate request delivery
- Allow editing approval under workflow. Tasken BPA gives you a self-service portal to approve requests from enterprise systems. It enables approval workflow for service catalog, identity management, access management, and user provisioning requests.
- Mobile UX/UI support, Tasken BPA lets approvers take action at any time online and with a mobile application
- Allows the integration of budget management for financial-related requirements. Align organizational budgeting and planning processes to enterprise strategy by collaborating your strategic plans and corporate budgets
- Integrate information from multiple sources including accounting systems, ERP, CRM and more, offering better control to the budgeting process and eliminate the manual effort in collection and consolidation

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