ioTORQ - Advanced Utility Management and Process Optimization Platform

por Panevo

Why use ioTORQ? Maximize cost savings, avoid losses, reduce risk & improve environmental compliance

ioTORQ is our advanced utility and process optimization software, which integrates multiple data sources, real-time dashboards and AI-driven analytics to help industry manage performance, engage stakeholders and drive performance gains. Built on Azure, ioTORQ applications include:

Resource Management & Corporate Reporting

    • Acquire Data → Visualize → Manage → Save
    • Identify operational savings and avoid losses
    • Identify capital equipment projects, perform M&V
    • Deploy with ISO 50001 Energy Management System

Utility Bill Management

    • Identify errors and rate optimization opportunities
    • Automate data aggregation for corporate reporting and benchmarking

Lean Manufacturing & Continuous Improvement

    • Identify downtime issues and quantify Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in real time
    • Deliver productivity and labour gains
    • Prioritize continuous improvement initiatives

Key Features

    • Advanced Analytics - Establish KPIs, generate intelligent targets, identify savings and validate project performance.
    • Machine Learning - Our advanced analytics module utilizes machine learning algorithms to enable asset optimization and maximize cost savings.
    • Automated Alerts - Set targets and receive real-time notifications to ensure optimal asset, area or departmental performance.
    • Schematic Builder - Build system models, map on meter data and visualize performance with our intuitive schematic builder component.
    • User Customization - From asset monitoring to facility benchmarking, all reports, live dashboards and presentations are user customizable.
    • Flexible Data Integration - Collect data from a wide range of locations, systems & formats, including: FTP(s), HTTP(s), process historians & IoT devices.

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